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Wilkin Pg2

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Day 1: (Saturday 19/03/05) The Jet boat ride was up a quite low river, with large rocks just under the surface (not always missed). We were dropped off just below the Kerin Forks and had a 10 minute "tramp" to get to the hut! We were joined at lunch by an English tramper from Shefield who left to try to make the Top Forks Hut and later by a voluntary Hut Warden who was returning from Top Forks.

Photos by:
Keith Blayney (K)
Alan Rogers (A)

Up to Kerin Forks Hut

View of Kerin Forks

Forest beyond hut

Forest beyond hut

Day 2: (Sunday 20/03/05) The next morning was wet and so photo opportunities were limited. My new "Peak XV" parka Christmas present got a good try out and was found to be excellent in keeping out the water (unlike my old Gortex). The hood restricted vision to quite a small "window" but this I have subsequently found to be a user fault (I had it too tight!). After about 4 hours the rain eased as we descended to the Airstrip flat.

Wilkin River Flat

Wilkin River & misty hills

Close-up of Mt Perseus falls

Set of three falls

Polypore fungus on "Hump"

View to Mt Pollox

Top Forks Hut

Mt Perseus tops

We had been advised to go over the 130m "hump" hill before Top Forks, as the river was up and dangerous to cross, which was quite a little grunt but luckily I found an excuse to stop to photograph the unusual Polypore fungus halfway up.

One couple were at the hut when we arrived, but gradually more people came, including a guided group of English trampers who had flown in to the Airstrip and had similar plans as us. We subsequently heard that one of their party (Anthony) had a fatal fall into a crevasse on Franz Josef Glacier the previous day -see story at tvnz or NZ Herald.

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