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Routeburn-Caples (3) Tramp November 1992

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Day 3:

This day we headed to Howden Hut, with a side trip up to Key Summit, which can also be reached via a short climb up from from "The Divide" on the Milford road.

IO05: Lake Howden

IO07: Mts Christina & Gunn from key Summit

IO09: Key Summit to McKenzie/Emily

IO11: Key Summit to Lake Marian

IO14: Key Summit looking north down Hollyford Valley

IO15: Dusk on Lake Howden
Day 4:

From Lake Howden, we had planned to walk back on the Greenstone, but a large group of school kids with the same idea made us decide to try the Caples Valley. There was a stiff grunt up behind Lake McKellar onto the saddle, where John McCarthy almost dissappeared into a bog, but it was otherwise an excellent choice, with great views, pleasant forest and a steady gentle descent to Lake Wakatipu.

IO16: Lake Howden dawn

IO18: Unamused John

IO19: Paul on misty top

IO20: Misty tarns on top

IO23: Clearing to show Ian, John & John

IP03A: Ian watching John

IP05A: John McCarthy in awe

IP07A: Awesome Jean Batton Peak

By Upper Caples Hut we observed a Blue Duck couple doing their thing

IP09A: Caples mossy bush

IP10A: Upper Caples & Ailsa Mountains

IP13A: Upper Caples Hut & River

IP14A17A: Blue Duck fighting extinction
Day 5 & 6:

We also met some Canadian junior docs. They made excellent travelling companions down to Mid Caples Hut and on to the junction with Greenstone the next day. We headed for the wharf on Lake Wakatipu, and the launch back to Glenorchy.

IP18AA: Further down the Caples

IP21A: Even further down the Caples

IP22A: Caples Gorge

IQ01A: Confluence with Greenstone River

IQ06A: Team at Caples' Mouth

IQ09A: Waiting at jetty

IQ13A: Leaving for Glenorchy

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