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Routeburn-Caples (2) Tramp November 1992

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Day 2:

Lake Harris still had an ice coating, but no-one volunteered to walk on water or have a dip. Beyond the saddle is an emergency shelter with great views over the Hollyford Valley to the Darron Mountains. Some had enough energy to whip up the nearby Conical Hill, those nursing injuries thought better of it.

IM03: A steady climb

IM09: Coming up to Lake Harris

IM11: Into the snow

IM14: Frozen Lake Harris

IM24: Paul at shelter

IN0203: Darron Mountains (composite)

IN04: Hollyford Valley

After an initial drop, it is fairly easy going with breathtaking views, then one swings back to descend to the picturesque Lake MacKenzie and Hut. The lake with views up to Emily Hut is famous for its photogenicity, given the right weather.

IN05: Lake McKenzie & hut

IN06: Emily Pass

IN08: Lake McKenzie & hut

IN10: Lake McKenzie & Emily Pass

IN12: Lake McKenzie and Hut

IN13: Lake McKenzie & Emily Pass

IN16: Lake McKenzie reflections

IO02: Water study (enlargement in the surgery)

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