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Siberia (c)

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Day 3: (Sunday 25th Feb 2007) Today we head off to Lake Crucible and return to Siberia, so its just lunch and wet weather gear. In fact the weather had deteriorated so we were wearing jackets and some, leggings. I had serious concerns about protecting the camera as the fancy wet weather covers had only been on the recently purchased camera bags I hadn't brought. A plastic bag was hurriedly transformed into a light, waterproof but hardly durable cover, and off we went!

After heading a fair way up the valley, crossing the Gillespie Stream we would be following the next day, we crossed the Siberia Stream and headed up a 300m rise progressing about 300m horizontally (a 45° slope). Soon I was as wet inside as out!

After leaving the bush the slope became more reasonable and the weather lifted (at times), allowing us to see the rock bank of the lake ahead, as well as photograph some alpine Mount Cook lily (Ranunculus lyallii), which is actually the world's largest buttercup - yes the camera still worked!.

Yes, I'm pooped! 123AR

I wasn't alone 125KB

Destination in sight 133AR

Mount Cook "lily" 139KB

One has to ascend another fairly steep slope to see the actual "crucible" which is an amazing sight. In order to see the whole lake I had to make a composite of six individual photographs. All too quickly, the rain returned and we headed back.

Central icebergs 143AR

Close to the ice 147AR

Ian alights a berg 155KB

NE Crucible 157KB

NW Crucible 163KB

SW Crucible 169KB

Composite Crucible 173KB

On leaving the lake, the weather lifted again, allowing for some better views of the Crucible Valley! Lunch at a pleasant sheltered tree by a stream was not to be - our "leader" took us back to the 45° slope for this "adventure".

Looking down the valley 183KB

flora & fauna 187KB

Looking back up the valley 189KB

Adventure Lunch 191CT

Almost down 193CT

Looking back to slope 199CT

Back on Siberia Valley 201AR

Plans by candlelight 206CT

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