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Siberia (b)

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Day 1: (Friday 23rd Feb 2007) Those continuing from the Rail Trail cycle were taken by Shayne O'Sullivan (ex Black Cap cricketer) of Trail Journeys back to Clyde and on to Makarora where we spent the night.

Lake Dunstan 002KB

Chalet at Makarora 003AR

Jetboat grounded 004IB

Creating a wave 008IB

Day 2: (Saturday 24th Feb 2007) We took the Jetboat up to Kerin Forks, as in our 2005 Wilkin River tramp but the river was much lower and we got grounded. Another jetboat "assisted" by creating a wave, but the first time past the wave just wet us all! Then we were off on the magical jetboat experience that thrills, however many times one has done it.

Off up the Wilkin 011IB

familiar view 013KB

Majestic views 023KB

Leaving the river 030KB

On leaving the river we headed up the track to the Siberia Valley, with the Kerin Forks Hut (and Mt Aeolus) visible across the Wilkin. The track gets very steep very quickly here.

I head off 031IB

Kerin Forks Hut 033KB

Not a prayer meeting 034KB

Last view of Wilkin 037JC

On our left Mt Kuri rises to 2134m (we could probably see a 1km+ shear rise) and as we reached the top of our 330m climb (to 640m), glimpses of the Siberia Valley and landing strip are seen. On descending to the valley floor one is reminded how crystal clear these South Island rivers can be. The arrival of "Rock Snot" (Didymosphenia geminata) in the South Island from Europe or Nth America is a real shame and understandably DOC wants to prevent its spread.

I'm still going 039IB

Looking up 1+km 051KB

View of Siberia Valley 061KB

Thompsons at Siberia Stm 069IB

Keith attempting photography 077JC

Siberia Stream 079KB

Composite view 082KB

On the way there were lots of photo opportunities. Jim captured me trying to get a "waterfall in the bush" picture but the result wasn't particularly impressive. Once in the valley, the mountains and river provided plenty of scope for photography, but then an aeroplane landed with a group clearly set on staying the night and it was time to get going in order to secure a bed for the night! I think there should be an amendment to the "1st in 1st served" rule for DOC hut bunks, and that is anyone arriving by air or water transport should only use bunks not used by proper trampers!

John: hurry-up Keith! 089IB

Mt Dreadful from Siberia Hut 092KB

Mt Dreadful 097AR

Siberia Hut 107JC

Siberia Falls 109KB

Siberia Hut 113KB

Siberia Falls 117KB

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