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Siberia (e)

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Day 5: (Tuesday 27th Feb 2007) Today we head down the Young and out to Makarora.

New Young Hut 373IB

Graham in silhouette 385IB

forest bridge 391KB

Dropped lenscap! 393IB

On a fascinating jungle bridge I lost the lens cap over the side. Graham even climbed down to retrieve what turned out not to be the lost cap. He was still looking long after I gave up.

Keith accepting loss 397IB

What we crossed 401KB

Graham still looking 403KB

Alan picking his way 413KB

River exposure 421KB

North Branch of Young Valley 431KB

Re-entering forest 433KB

View north from bridge 437KB

"God" view from bridge 439KB

Ongaonga (Urtica ferox) 441KB

Line abreast 443AR

15 minutes after crossing the North Branch I discovered I had left my telescopic pole behind and so I had to run back to find it, return and catch up with everyone, as well as take some photographs. So on this tramp I think I ran more than Alan did!

Young River 445KB

Took time to shoot fungus 449KB

and to admire canopy 451KB

Thompsons crossing Makarora 455IB

Alan protecting goods 457IB

Left bank of Makarora 449KB

Those men deserve a beer 463CT

Keith, Vern & John 465CT

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