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Queen Charlotte Track Day 5

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The track now descends to follow the shore

Wednesday 20th February 2013: Our last day was relatively short so we had time to check out some of the quirky art around Lochmara Lodge.

The it was back up the hill to the main Queen Charlotte Track, a sidle around A815 (416m but the track stays below 280m), dropping down to Mistletoe Bay then climbing to about 200m above Onahau Bay then swinging west to descend to the northern shore of Grove Arm and on to Anakiwa where we meet the launch to return us to Nelson.

Queen Charlotte Track - Day 5 (click to enlarge)

Punga Person  DSC_0633a
Wood sculpture  DSC_0636
Greenstone  DSC_0638
Punga parrot  DSC_0639a

The Whare  DSC_0640e

Stone face  DSC_0642e

Tramping boots statue  DSC_0648

Lochmara shoe-gate from the inside.  DSC_0653_stitch

Waterfall and Mistletoe Bays  DSC_0664ae

Composite of Mistletoe Bay and Onahau Bay  DSC_0667_s_a

French couple with infant  DSC_0672

Composite of Onahau Bay and out to Grove Arm.  DSC_0682_stitch (click to enlarge)

Composite of Okiwa Bay & Grove Arm from Ngakuta Bay to Anakiwa  DSC_0690_s_a (click to enlarge)

?another Flycap by Cathy  CT_DSC01444c

Jim, almost there  DSC_0699ae

Neil & Viv at Anakiwa  DSC_0701e

As predicted, an entrepreneur was at the track end to sell something yummy, refreshing and unhealthy, then there was the staples of icecream, L&P and Coke while we waited for the Sounds Adventure "Cougar" launch to return to Nelson and civilization.

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