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Nelson Lakes 1987 (2)

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AW13: Relaxing by the Sabine

From the Saddle, it is a steep drop to the East Branch of the Sabine River which we followed to the fork with the West Branch, and then south up to Blue Lake and Lake Constance. We all had to rush up to see the magnificent reflection Alan & ?Gerant saw (but didn't photograph) on Constance, but the moment was lost!

AW17: Morning mist on Sabine

AX01: West Branch Sabine River

AX02: Avalanche blast

AX03: Mts Mahanga & Humboldt

AX5A6: Blue Lake

AX7A8: Blue Lake

AX8A9-9A10: Lake Constance (composite)

AX14: Blue Lake

AR3: Blue Lake [AR]

AX15: Blue Lake Hut

AX18: Ian Bardsley

AX16: Sabine mist

From Blue Lake we headed back down the Sabine River to Sabine Hut on Lake Rotoroa. It was wet and alive with sandflies outside, and overcrowded with canoeing scouts inside. Our luck didn't change at Speargrass, where we found a badly designed fire, hunters who wanted to smoke and not enough bunks. David and I decided to walk out and stay at the St Arnaud Hotel that night, and collect the others from the road end the next day. Boy they stunk!

AX24: (old) Sabine Hut

AX25: Lake Rotoroa "view"

AY03: Crossing Hodgson Stream

AY04: Team at Howard Shelter

AY08: Gerant Emris

AY15: Howard Valley

AY16: Team at old Speargrass Hut

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