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Nelson Lakes 1987 (1)

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AU05A: Beech forest

7 nights, 21st-28th November 1987 Trampers were: Ian Bardsley, Alan Rogers, Gerant Emris, David Taylor and me (Keith Blayney).
Alan's photos are marked [AR].

Starting from St Arnaud, we took the Lakeside (west) track around Lake Rotoiti to Coldwater Hut. Then we followed the Travers River to John Tait Hut.

AR0: David's Commer van [AR]

AU10a: Whisky Falls

AU11a: Ian at Cold Water Jetty

AU14a: Cold Water Jetty

AU20a: Group

AU23a: SI Robin

AV01: Look up to Mt Travers

AV03: Travers Mt & River

AV07: John Tait Hut

AV14: Travers Falls

AV17: Upper Travers Hut & Kehu Peak

AV18: Penwiper plant Notothlaspi rosulatum

AV23: Kea Nestor notabilis

AV24: Kea at Upper Travers

Mounts Travers and Capola make magnificent backdrops from John Tait. At Upper Travers we did a little side trip to Begley Saddle (some went right up to the peak, but David & I preferred to watch the keas). Then there was a steep climb over Travers Saddle with Mt Travers on our right. It is an even steeper drop down the scree gulley to the Sabine Valley.

AW01: Climbing Travers Saddle

AR1: Me at Travers Saddle [AR]

AW03: Travers Saddle

AW04: View from Travers Saddle

AW05: Descending into the Sabine

AW06: Falls into East Sabine

AW07: Gerant, Alan & Ian, Sabine Valley

AW09: Old West Sabine Hut

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