Ancestors of Roma Eliason née Burke

I am helped by the fact that Roma is a direct descendant of the Irish Poet Máire Bhuí Ní Laoire, and from an already established lineage from her to Roma by Colleen FREW [957]. There are many Internet sources as well.

The main information on the Burke line comes from Colleen Frew's "Burke Family Tree while much of the information on the Eliason line comes from Shirley's Uncle Don Taylor and his publication "Adam's Well" [956]. If you have any additions (especially photos) or corrections, please feel free to contact me.  

  Keith Blayney


            The descent from Seamus BURKE to Roma Victoria Mary BURKE
"Rugadh Máire Bhuidhe Ní Laoghaire ar Thúirín na nÉan i mbliain a 1774, agus is ann a chaith sí a saoghal le linn a hóige go dtí gur phós sí Séamas de Búrca timcheall na bliana 1792."
[Máire Bhuí Ní Laoire (Yellow Mary O'Leary) was born in Tooreennanean in the year 1774, and it was there she spent her early life until she married Seamus Burke in 1792.] [958]
1 James BURKE (aka Séamus de Búrca) b.1770(1) (Skibbereen, Ireland); 
  Occ. Farmer; Horsetrader; d.1847 (Inchigeelah, Ireland) 

Gravestone of
Séamus & Máire

Mháire Bhuí Ní Laoire
+ Mary O'LEARY - aka Maura Bwee or Máire (Mháire) Bhuí Ní Laoire or Laoghaire) b.1774 (Tooreennanean = Túirín na nÉan near Inchigeelah, Co. Cork)); m~1792; d.1849 (Inchigeelah). [dau of Diarmuid (Dermot / Jeremiah) Bhuí (Bwee) O'Laoire b.1751 and Siobhán (Johanna) b.1751 and Siobhán (Johana) b.1751 [959]] Eloped with Seamus at age 18, m.1792. Seamus and Mary settled on a holding they purchased near Keimaneigh (Chéim an Fhia), living in some prosperity [960] but known for their generous hospitality [959], The Burkes went on to buy "all the Inches", but they were evicted in 1847. A crossing of the River Lee near their land was known as the Ford of the Burkes [959]. Mary became one of Munster's most celebrated Irish-language folk poets of the 19th century. [958]. See Comment 1 2 Nine children [959]: Seán b.1793 (see below); Séamus (James, known as Jimmy) b.1794; Micháel b.1796; Risteárd (Richard) b.1798; Elick (Alex/Alec) b.1804; Ellen (Neil) b.1806; Pádraig (Patrick) b.1808; Máire (Mary) b.1813 and Joanna (Siobhán/Joan/Hannah) b.1815. 2 Seán (John) BURKE b.1793 (Macroom); who was probably hanged after the 1822 "Battle of Keimaneigh" with two of Mary's poems Tuireamh Sheáin de Búrc ("Lament for John Burke") and Caoineadh Sheáin de Búrc ("The Keening of John Burke") being variations on a lament for her dead son [959]. + Nóra Ni Chróinin (Honna CRONIN) b.1800 (Gorinakilla/Gurteenacurra); m.1818 3 Also nine children: Michael b.1819; Richard b.1819; James b.1822 (see below); Mary b.1825; Alexander (Alec) b.1827; Ellen b.1829; Bridget b.1833; Nora b.1835 and Cornelius (Conor) b.1838 [949]. 3 James (Séamus) BURKE b.25Mar1822 (Inchigeelah) Possibly the 35yr old James Burke (Labourer) arriving 1856 Wellington on the Mimmie Dike" having left Melbourne 22Dec1856. [122] + Julia COTTER b.1817 (Inchigeelah) dau of Sylvester COTTER & Narry MURPHY 4 Margaret BURKE d.1930 (Melbourne, Australia) + Michael O'BRIEN m. Melbourne 4 Mary BURKE b. (Macroom) + Robert WISEMAN 5 Nora Mary WISEMAN b.1889 (Macroom); d.8Dec1960 (Palmerston North, NZ) + William David MAXEY b.1891 (not NZ); m.10Nov1920 (Napier, NZ); d.12Mar1962 4 James S BURKE b.1847 (Macroom); d.25Mar1931 (Motukarara, NZ) + Mary Ann REDMOND b.1858 (Ballygarrett); m.6May1879 (Christchurch, NZ); d.12Jul1938 (Motukarara) 5 Mary Ann BURKE b.20May1880 (Christchurch); d.6Jun1953 (Waiuku) + Alexander (Alec) Poynton JACK m.30Dec1911 5 James BURKE b.12Dec1883 + Amelia KAY m.1910 [122] 5 David Michael BURKE b.29Jul1886 + Marjorie WOODILL .. [or Agnes May KNEEBONE m.1924] 5 Francis (Frank) John BURKE b.11Oct1888 + Irene ("Rene") Rebecca Mary EASTON m.1920 ..... 5 Maurice Edmund BURKE b.14Nov1890 + Mary SCANNELL ... 5 Garrett Stephen BURKE see below 5 George BURKE b.17Jul1894 + Ellen ("Nell") Elizabeth BRIDGE m.1924 ..

Dot & Garrett
S. Burke

Garrett & Ellen
Dot & Eileen

John & Colleen Frew

Roma 1992 (80)

Roma & Tom Eliason
5 Patrick Augustus ("Gus") BURKE b.27Sep1895 (1)Edna MILLAR (2)Evelina ("Lina") Emma HARPHAM m.1934 5 Julia Agnes BURKE b.17Jul1898 + Roderick George McRAE m.1921 .. 5 Josephine Margaret Catherine BURKE b.9Sep1901 + ? MANSON 5 Garrett Stephen BURKE b.26Dec1881 (Christchurch); d.9Jun1943 (Christchurch) + Ellen Ada SMITH b.1881 (Oamaru, NZ); m.11Oct1904 d.20Aug1955 (Christchurch) dau of George SMITH and Elizabeth ACRES 6 Maurice BURKE b.9Apr1905; d.1929 (California, bur. Aberdeen, NSW) 6 Garrett Graham BURKE b.17Sep1907 (Coalgate, Canterbury, NZ); d.1978 Onehunga, Auckland; Crem.21Feb1978; bur. Purewa 3May1978 [122] + Thyra Mary Elizabeth DICKINSON b.22Jul1909 (Bay of Is, NZ); m.6May1930 (Russell, Bay of Is); d.1994 7 Colleen Ellen Catherine Burke b.5Jun1931 (Kawakawa) The author of the Burke Family Tree [957] +(1)Leo Michael McNAMARA b.5Jun1924 (Ipswich QSL); m.6May1956 (Moerewa); d.May2005 6 five children..... +(2) Richard John FREW b.22Oct1929 (Te Puke); m.28Oct1983 (Kawakawa) 7 [Garrett and Thyra had four other children..... ] 6 Raymond George Stephen BURKE b.29Jan1910 (Hororata); d.16Sep1984 + Winifred Gertrude HANN b.11Feb1913; d.15Mar2001 7 four children.... 6 Roma Victoria Mary BURKE b.24May1912 (Hororata, Canterbury); m.12Oct1930 (Stratford); d.11Sept1992 + Thomas (Tom) Edward ELIASON b.18Nov1908 (Stratford); Occ. share-milker; d.28Feb1988 (Hawera) Also see Thom & Roma 6 Joyce Ellen Elizabeth BURKE b.22Jul1915 (Christchurch); d.1979 + Warwick Linwood ("Lyn") REDWAY d.1979 7 four children.... 6 Eric Samuel David BURKE b.2Jul1917 (Christchurch); d.1978 Occ. teacher in Taranaki [122] + Marie Annette b.May1917; d.1978 7 two children..

Comment 1

Máire Bhuí Ní Laoire (Laoghaire) or Mary O'LEARY, a farmer's wife and an illiterate mother of nine, of the Bui (yellow) branch of the O'LEARY clan, became one of Munster's most celebrated folk poets of the 19th century and one of the last true Gaelic bards. [958], [959]

Máire Bhuí
Ni Laoire

Máire Bhui (1774-1849) was born in Túirín na nÉan, near Inchigeelagh, Co.Cork. Although illiterate her poems and songs still survive in the folklore of west Cork. The general theme of most of her poetry was against the British rule of the time. Her best known poem is Cath Cheim an Fhia (The Battle of Keimaneigh), a stirring description of an armed clash in 1822 between local militia troops and and the secret society of Catholic tenant farmers known as the Whiteboys. This song is still sung and recited today. [959]

A monument to Máire Bhuí stands in Skibbereen.



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