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Harman Day 1

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Day 1: (Tuesday 11th Mar 2008) On the way to Klondyke Corner we briefly stopped by Castle Hill to look at the rock formations. I would have liked to go up and get some real photographs (like those on the right), but everyone else seemed to underwhelmed by them! This was the location for the final battle in the film "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".

Keith at Castle Hill 019IB

Castle Hill rocks 021KB

Castle Hill rocks 023KB

Keith post photo 029IB

Team at start 035KB

Up the Waimakariri 041IB

We started from the end of the side road north of the Waimakariri road bridge, on the Crow Valley "track" after the standard team photo. The track rapidly becomes the Waimakariri River bed with a number of crossings of sections of the river required. We then crossed the main river and headed over Turkey Flat with Mt Stewart (1934m) ahead to our right. I kept seeing the sort of rocks I want in my garden so I don't recall much of Mt Stewart!! This took us to Anti-Crow hut and lunch, just before the rain.

Reflections 045KB

1st crossing 051KB

Graham crosses river 055IB

Turkey Flat 062JS

John S & Anti-Crow 070JS-KB

Anti-Crow Hut 075IB

Beech woods 094KB

More Beech woods 096KB

Rain on tarns 114KB

Jim's leg 120JS

Graham's poncho 122KB

Wet gear on 124KB

Jim's 2nd hand injury prevention pants didn't work (watch this space) and the rain became more set-in. I found a hidden little pocket in my coat that fitted the camera and could whip it out for snaps of fungi etc. However, despite consulting books and web pages, I have problems identifying the various mushrooms and toadstools, so NEVER assume my identification is correct - in fact, unless it can be purchased from a supermarket, I wouldn't eat any "wild" fungus, some are just too toxic to risk!!

Fly Agaric 126KB

Keith crossing in full wetgear 134JS

Jim in the mud 140KB

Rationing the soup 152JS

The "River Route" involved a number of crossings, so we were hoping the river didn't rise too much (although there is a high water track). However, by the time we reached Carrington Hut, we were looking forward to that hot cup of soup! Dinner was an "expanded" vegetable Korma. Desert was a change from the "traditional" milk pud to dried fruit and seameal custard, skillfully composed by John B.

Pass the Parmesan 155JS

John serving desert 157JS

Carrington & Camp Spur 162KB

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