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Urewera Tramp November 1989

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November 1998: Trampers were: Alan Rogers, Ian Bardsley, and me, Keith Blayney. We drove to Ruatahuna and had a local drop us off at the Maungapohatu Track beyond the village. We headed north, bypassing Maungapohatu to come down the Tawhana - Tauranga Rivers, cross over Omahuru (Onepu & Ohora) to meet the Whakatane River which we followed back south to Ruatahuna. This is Tuhoi (Children of the Mist) country.

FA23: Entering
Maungapohatu Track

FA24: Typical bush on
Maungapohatu Track

FA25: Alan & Ian on
Maungapohatu Track

FA25: More typical bush on
Maungapohatu Track
Day 1: The Maungapohatu Track starts from State Highway 38 about 9km east of Ruatahuna. We followed the old pack-horse track to Kanohirua Hut (40min) and on to Kakewahine Clearing (Maori Land) and Waiawa Hut 20 minutes downstream. This is a neat 8 bunk hut, the "best in the park" according to some.

FA33: Ian and Alan
at Waiawa Hut

FA38b: Keith at
Waiawa Hut

FB01: More forest
near Maungapohatu

more forest
Day 2: From Waiawa Hut we headed back to Kakewahine Clearing and followed the bulldozed track to Pinaki (with permission). Maungapohatu, the sacred mountain of the Tuhoe was to the right (East) but was largely obscurred by mist. There was a little climb over Tauaki (600m) before dropping to Taurawharana Hut (390m) on the Waikare River.

FB05-06: Composite of view to misty Maungapohatu

FB15: Taurawharana Hut

FB18: Taurawharana dunnie
Day 3: From Taurawharana Hut one climbs up a ridge and over Pawairoto (780m) to Te Panaa Hut at 370m (lunch). We then descended to the Tauranga River at Tawhana, we passed Otane before reaching Te Pourewa Hut.

FB27: more typical bush

FB31: Tawhana or somewhere else!

FB32: Confluence

FB33: Alan on bridge

FB34: pokey Te Pourewa Hut front

FB36: Magnificent Te Pourewa Hut view

FB37: Ian as Gandalf, human lungs

FC05a: Ohane Valley
Day 4: From Te Pourewa Hut one heads up a ridge, often following a deeply cut horse trail before coming down to the Ohane Stream and hut.

FC06: Whakatane River

FC07: Bush living

FC10-11: Composite Whakatane River

FC13: view from Waikare Junction Hut
Day 5: From Ohane we headed down the valley to the Whakatane River, a much easier route than via the Waikare River. The all-weather track to Waikare Junction Hut avoids any fording the Whakatane River. The all-weather track continues to Hanamahihi Hut, with a steep section bypassing a big loop in the river.

FC141516: Whakatane River (composite)

FC23: Hanamahihi Hut

FC24: Morning Mist

FC27: later

FC31: Alan's overtrou
Day 6: The Hanamahihi Hut to Tawhiti Hut via Ngahiramai Hut route stays above the river, crossing over part way to Ngahiramai, crossing the Ohaerena Flats and passing the Tarakena Rapids. Tawhiti Hut is an hour after Ngahiramai.

FC32: Whakatane River

FC34: Alan & old gear (incl pack)

FD06: Foxglove

FD09: Foxglove

FC36: Misty Whakatane River

FD03: Fungus

FD07: Alan at Ngahiramai Hut

FD14a: Tawhiwhi Hut
Day 7: From Tawhiwhi Hut we followed the true right of the Whakatane River until farmland is reached, then along a farm track to the Mataatua Road, where we were met by the driver from Ruatahuna, 2 km further south.

FD22: Morning Mist from Tawhiwhi

FD26: Morning Mist from Tawhiwhi

FD28: morning Tawhiwhi Hut

FD34a: derelict private hut
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