Pureora Tramp November 1996

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November 1998: Trampers were: (left to right in the time delay photo MI05A) Alan Rogers, Jim Callaghan, John Barrell, Ian Bardsley, John Murphy, Ross Dunlop (seated), me (Keith Blayney) and Ken Horner. The tramp started off wet, cold and misty, but did improve.


MI05A: Group lunch

MI07A: Ian's hand warmer

MI10A: Ken at rope top
Day one was a 3½ hour tramp to "the Bog", staying at "Bog Inn" Hut (4 bunks). The next day was a 7½ hour tramp starting with a 3 hour climb then a drop to the Whakamaru Ignimbrite Plateau then on to Waihaha Hut (6 bunks). The last day was a 3½ hour tramp on thye Waihaha Track following the Waihaha River out to Highway 32.

MI18A: Stand of podocarps Þ

MI23A: Waihaha River rapids

MI32A: Waihaha River pool
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