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    Muriel was born Phyllis Muriel Emma Potter, the first of six children (not including a neonatal death) to Ernest Edward (Ernie) Potter and Margaret Arletta (Arley) Potter (née Carruthers) [See Genealogy]. She qualified as a registered nurse in 1949 and left to marry Ivan Thomas Blayney in 1950, having five children (Ross, Bruce, Keith, Lynn and Gwenda) and (to date), nine grandchildren and one great grandaughter.

    After Ross sat School Certificate, Muriel decided to go to night school and passed School C English, then History the following year. Some years later she went to Rutherford College when they started taking adult students and obtained University Entrance. Several years later she returned to nursing (after 29 years), this time at Waitakere Hospital doing geriatric nursing (after a one week "on the job" re-introduction). She was instrumental in changing the "re-introduction" program for nures returning to the craft. Muriel was just getting to really enjoy this when she injured her back lifting a patient and never recovered sufficiently to return to nursing.

    Muriel has always been active in church life. She was brought up in the Saint's Church, now officially known as the Community of Christ, and is the Herald House Book Steward for New Zealand. Other interests include the New Lynn CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau) [22 years service], Meals on Wheels [7 years], raising funds for the Hospice [4 years] and is a volunteer at "The Upstairs Gallery", Lopdell House, Titirangi.

    Community of Christ

    "We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love and peace" is the mission statement of the Community of Christ.

    The New Zealand branch of the Saint's Church can be reached at You can ask to be sent the magazine Tenakoe in Acrobat Reader format from the Tenakoe editor and you can search on the Internet for information from

    Another Community of Christ Web site of interest is the Church School Without Walls

    Click here for on-line versions of Restoration scripture.

    The Community of Christ (RLDS) Temple in Independence Missouri consists of a double helix spiral. Approximately 3,000 stainless steel panels clad the roof and the vertical surfaces. Due to the dynamic form, no two panels are the same.

    Ross Blayney
    Bruce Blayney
    Keith Blayney
    Lynn Andrew
    Gwenda Ferrett
    Ivan Blayney [no p/w needed]
    Potter & Carruthers Family Tree


    Muriel can no longer receive e-mails directly.

    On the 8th March 2006 Muriel turned 80. All her children arrived for that celebration. See the photos here.

    Her oldest grandson Benjamin (Keith's oldest) and Stefanie produced her first two great-grandchildren Angelina & Kyle. Their pictures can be seen here. Next oldest grandson (Michael) has been working as a scientist in chemistry related industries (currently metallurgy) after achieving his Master of Science in Chemistry degree (with 2nd Class Honours) at Auckland University. He is married to Nadia. Grandson Martin has returned from assistant teaching in Japan, did a post-grad Diploma in translation in 2014 then a TESOL certificate and married Chris.
    Other great-grandchildren include Penelope Anne and Leona Christine FERRETT born to Daniel (Gwenda & Pauls's son) & Marie FERRETT in 2013 & 2017 and Elsie Anne and Rosa Louise BAKER born to Kelly (daughter of Ross & Glenys) and Craig Baker, also in 2013 & 2017.
    That gives a total of 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

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