Ivan Thomas Blayney was born 29th March 1926. He trained as a cabinet maker and went on to become a carpenter, joining Rod Parkinson as a partner but after marrying Muriel and having children, he opted for the steady income of Foreman. Later he changed to wallcladding for Castle Steel as well as doing a bit of inventing and designing. He made a fairly successful seated outdoor table and a simple but less successful "instant spar bath". While always looking for the cheaper or simpler ways to do something, he would insist on safety and quality. "If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing properly" and "better wrong alive than dead right" were two of his favourite lines (at least they were the ones given to the Webmaster!).

Ivan was active in the Saints' Church where he served for many years as a lay minister (20 years as a Priest, 15 as an Elder). Sadly, Ivan collapsed and died on the 14th April 1993. The coroner's verdict was "hypertensive heart disease". His ashes are scattered on Lion Rock, Piha where he loved to fish around the rocks.

His e-mail address is ivanblayney@paradise.org.nz. Try it, you will see something special.