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Kaimanawa February 1992

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February 1992, 6 nights. Trampers were: Jim Callaghan, Ian Bardsley, Ken Horner, Alan Rogers and me (Keith Blayney). Some photos are by Jim [JC], and some by Alan [AR].

We started from the end of Waipakakihi Rd and followed the Waipakakihi River for two days, camping out the first night, reaching the lockwood Waipakakihi Hut the second. Some of us just managed to drag off our boots in relief, while Alan, shortly followed by Jim put on running shoes and headed up to Umukarikari!

Jim & Ken on the River

Composite of Waipakakihi river flats

It was a bit of a grunt up to Junction Top, down into the headwaters of the Rangitiki River, then up onto the Island Range, along the tops (Te More, Te Wetenga), until we lost the the route (I think Ian was leading).

Waipakakihi river flats

Lunch on Rangitiki [AR]

Deciding the route [JC]

Decision made!

Out of mist

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