Kaimai Tramp November 1986

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Here Keith has regrown his beard!

4 nights, November 13th-17th 1986: Trampers were: Alan Rogers, Cedric Landers, Ian Bardsley, and me, Keith Blayney. [AR] = photo by Alan. This was my second tramp with Ian's group, again in the Kaimais. We started in the north, heading from Daly's Clearing Hut up the Waitawheta Tramway. At the Old Mill site, we turned north-east to Waitengaue Hut, Woodlands Rd and back up the Wairoa Stream to the Kauri Dam (ponga) shelter.

K21_18: Maungawhio Tapu

K21_23a: log over Waitawheta

K22_02: Old Mill waterfall

K22_11: Wairoa Stream

K22_13: Wairoa Stream lunch

The woodpigeons at Kauri Dams Shelter were still there a year later, and just as hard to photograph. We then went to Te Rere a Tukahia Hut via Cashmores Clearings, then down to the giant kauris before emerging at Hot Springs Rd.

K22_23: Pigeons

AR2: Pigeon photography! [AR]

K23_04: Kauri Dam Shelter

K23_14a: Te Rere a Tukahia Hut

K23_15a: Alan up kauri