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Photos marked [JSutton] are by John Sutton, all the rest were taken by me.

Friday 13th March 2015: On black Friday we decided to do an expedition west, to Castle Hill (Kura Tawhiti), Cave Stream Scenic Reserve and out through Arthur's Pass.

Trips from Birch Hill

I had always wanted to stop at Castle Hill and walk around taking photos of the amazing rock (limestone) formations, so Cathy Thompson, Verne Barrell, Neil Taylor and myself took the opportunity while the others headed north to Cave Stream to do some clambering underground (potholing).

Kura Tawhiti  DSC_1081a.jpg

Amazing formations  DSC_1084.jpg

as one enters the reserve  DSC_1088.jpg

Neil, a mammory gland & Verne  DSC_1098ac.jpg

Shapes and hideouts  DSC_1108.jpg

Monsters in the rocks  DSC_1106.jpg

Lone tree  DSC_1110.jpg

Erosion visible in rock  DSC_1131a.jpg

Next section  DSC_1137a.jpg

Wierd  DSC_1141a.jpg

Alien landscape  DSC_1147a.jpg

Lots to see here  DSC_1151a.jpg

Rock arch  DSC_1165.jpg

A must have in my garden  DSC_1172a.jpg

Faces everywhere  DSC_1187.jpg

Furthest - impressive - fascinating  DSC_1188c.jpg

Between the two main areas  DSC_1215a.jpg

Returning to the start  DSC_1218.jpg

Giant troll climbing?  DSC_1225a.jpg

All sorts of shapes on this last view  DSC_1227a.jpg

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