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Photos marked [JSutton] are by John Sutton, all the rest were taken by me.

Thursday 12th March 2015: After completing our Banks Peninsula walk we rejoined Neil Taylor and headed for Birch Hill Lodge via Christchurch to pick up supplies. We were joined by Verne Barrell for this section of our trip.

Mid Caterbury

The "team" shown below left, from left to right, was Neil Taylor, Graham Thompson, Verne Barrell, Ian Bardsley, John Barrell, Cathy Thompson (back), Alan Rogers and Keith Blayney.

The next morning a group were driven to Glen Tui and headed up the Richardson Track to Mt Richardson (1047m), to return down the Blowhard Track back to Birch Hill Lodge, while others did less energetic activities around Oxford.

Team at Birch Hill Lodge  JSutton IMG_4572.jpg

Glen Tui Falls  DSC_1036a.jpg

German wasp  DSC_1043ac.jpg

Keith et al climb through beech scrub
 JSutton IMG_4575.jpg

Looking at Lees Valley (not peeing)
 JSutton IMG_4578.jpg

Map of tramp over Mt Richardson
Click for bigger map

Mt Richmond Summit & view of Lees Valley
 JSutton IMG_4581.jpg

Female Bellbird (Korimako)

KTB and view of Mt Thomas
 JSutton IMG_4584.jpg

KTB et al head to A9UM
 JSutton IMG_4589.jpg

Rat smells boots back at Birch Hill

Alan the (pest) destroyer

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