Thomas Blayney 1827 - 1913

This information is primarily sourced from Terry Muff [804], Ian Blayney [127], Kevin McKenzie [145] and some secure Internet info.

Tom Blayney b.1827

William Blayney

80yr old Thomas
& daughter ?Jessie

William G. G.
Blayney 1940

1930s Grace & parents William & Elizabeth Blayney

Arms of T.G.G MUFF

The father of Thomas was Thomas BLAYNEY, born 1796 in Finsbury, a Journeyman Tailor. He died in 1854 at Hackney Wick of Cholera. The mother of Thomas was Rebecca LAMBERT, born in 1804 at Bethnal Green, London and married on 15th October, 1823 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green [127]

1 Photo Thomas BLAYNEY b.1827 (Shoreditch) 
  (or 1829 as 22, 42 & 52 in 1851, 1871 & 1881 Census reports); 
  Occ. Cabinet Maker; Coffee Shop keeper (in 1891, 1901)
  Thomas "married" four or five times (only 1st and last registered) viz: 
  ♥ Mary Ann HARRISS; ♥ Mary Ann MORAY (possibly the same person;
  ♥ Emily PAIN née GRIMWOOD; ♥ Rosina; ♥ Sophia.
  d.1913. Occ. Paper stainer (1851); Cabinet Maker

 +(1)Mary Ann HARRISS b.1831 (Stratford, Essex);
     [dau. of Robert HARRISS of Homerton] 
     m.29July1850 (Hackney) [130] 
     d.1863/4 (?without issue [804])  

 +(2)Mary Ann MORAY (Probably commonlaw wife [804]) -she is possibly 
     the same person as Mary Ann HARRISS as her mother was probably 
     Sarah MORAY (a witness to the wedding of Mary Ann Harris) [804]
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY b.16Jun1852 (Hackney); d.5Mar1888 (shown as a bachelor
    on his Inestate document with Thomas, his father, granted the probate
    as next of kin is evidence that he was not legally married [804])
   + Hannah ___ (most likely common law wife)
  2 Sarah BLAYNEY b.4Aug1855; bap.4Dec1861 (St Thomas, Bethnal Green)
  2 Photo William BLAYNEY b.17Apr1858 (Hackney); 
    bap.4Dec1861 (St Thomas, Bethnal Green) with sister Sarah;
    d.1935; Cabinet Maker
   + Hannah GLOVER b.1856 (Birmingham); m.1883; d.1914
    3 Photo William Glover BLAYNEY b.1886 (Bow/Poplar, London) 
      Cabinet Maker d.1974
     + Photo Elizabeth (Anne) ALDRIDGE (1888 - 1972)
      4 William George Glover BLAYNEY (1912 - 1999)
       + Dorothy (no Issue)
      4 Photo Grace Marie BLAYNEY (1915 - 1971) m.1938
       + Robert George MUFF
        5 Alan Robert MUFF (living)
        5 Terence George Glover MUFF (living). This is the 
          Terry Muff [804] supplier of considerable information.
    3 Caroline Glover BLAYNEY b.1884 (Bow/Poplar, London)
    3 Hannah BLAYNEY b.1887 (Bow)
    3 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1891 (Bow) 
    3 George BLAYNEY b.1894 (Bow)

 +(3)Emily Martha PAIN née GRIMWOOD b.12Dec1838 (Penryn Cornwall) Occ. Dressmaker; 
    m.26Feb1860 (Bethnal Green)
    d.2Apr1878 in Old Ford Rd, Bow, London [147] [325]
    Emily died in "suspicious cercumstances" and could well have been murdered [804]
    [prior marriage to Frederick Charles PAIN 26Feb1860 (Bethnal Green) [146] [147]];
    [Dau of Thomas MacDonagh GRIMWOOD b.15Jan1818 (Suddbury All Saints, Suffolk);
     Occ. Labourer; d.1Apr1852 (Bethnal Green) [859] and
     Emily Simon Oliver JOHNS b.1814/5 (Penzance, Cornwall)
     Emily was the 7th great grandaughter of Thomas Drake of 
     Buckland Abbey (1555-1606, the brother of 
     Admiral Sir Francis Drake]

  2 twin Benjamin BLAYNEY b.1863 (Hackey); Occ.Cabinet Maker
  2 twin Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1863 (Hackey)  

Arthur E Blayney 1896

Maria Blayney Thomas & Arthur

Arthur AA Blayney 1917

3 Photos above courtesy
of Kevin McKenzie [145]

2 Albert BLAYNEY b.1865(6) (Old Ford, Middlesex) Cabinet Maker + Hannah CLARKE m.1889 (St Lukes Church, Hackney). 2 Frederick BLAYNEY b.1870 (Hackney) 2 Augustus (Augusta, son in Census) BLAYNEY b.1870 2 Photo Arthur Ernest BLAYNEY b.1872 Cabinetmaker m.1896 + Photo Maria CHAPMAN [dau of Harry Chapman] Sep. from Arthur; In a subsequent relationship (a Mr McGoun) had a daughter, one Maud Mary McGoun and moved to Australia. [145]. 3 Photo Arthur Albert A BLAYNEY b.1898 (Shoreditch) Fought on HMS Ajax in the Battle of Jutland in 1916 3 Photo Thomas Henry BLAYNEY b.1900 (Poplar) dsp as a soldier in WWI (1914-18) [no record found] 3 Julia Alice BLAYNEY b.1896; d. late 1970s +(1)Edmund MARSHALL ob. 4 Edmund MARSHALL (d.y.) 4 Julia MARSHALL +(1)James NUTTALL (div) +(2)Thomas BRADSHAW +(2)Joseph Mackintosh MacKENZIE ob. 4 Joseph McKENZIE + Shelley Van der EERDEN 5 Francis McKENZIE + Jolanta ___ 6 Joseph McKENZIE 6 Rebecca McKENZIE 6 Alexander McKENZIE 5 Josephine McKENZIE + Richard EVANS 6 Four children: - Ieuan Edward Shepherd, Nicholas Hugh Shepherd, Daniel Richard Shepherd, and Timothy Joseph Shepherd (all EVANS) 5 Catherine McKENZIE + ___ DAY 6 Anthony DAY 6 Damien DAY 5 Winifred McKENZIE + Martin JAGGER 6 Five children: - Victoria, Patrick, Francesca, Luke and Genevieve 5 Howard McKENZIE + Sharon ___ 6 Iona McKENZIE 6 Eoghan McKENZIE 4 Photo Dorothy McKENZIE ob. +(1)Victor DEVONPORT (div. & ob.) 5 Denise Anne Laura Dorothy Elizabeth DEVONPORT (McKENNY) + Peter YATES 6 Ronnie YATES + Tam ___ (relationship) 6 Tammy Shea ___ +(2)Francis McKENNY 5 Michael McKENNY + Nichola ___ 6 Three children: - Jordan, Rhys and Amber 4 John McKENZIE + Patricia HARVEY 5 Christopher John McKENZIE MA in Law (Oxford) 5 Kevin Paul McKENZIE MA in Law (Oxford). This is the Kevin McKenzie [145] who supplied some of this page's information. 5 Andrew Keith McKENZIE MA in History (Cambridge) 4 Elizabeth McKENZIE (d.y.) 2 Walter BLAYNEY b.1874 2 Photo Jessica (Jessie) BLAYNEY b.1875 2 ?Emily Jessie BLAYNEY b.1876 in Poplar, London. [probably the same person as Jessie above] ?=Ethel (Minnie) + ___ ADAMS +(4)Rosina b.1843 (Scotland); m.1878/81 (?common law). Thomas who didn't die until 1913 so there was a presumed separation or death 2 Rosina (Rose) BLAYNEY b.1868(6/7) [Thomas still married to Emily then] Listed with 1891 census as daughter of Thomas (then married to Sophia) [1268] Rose was born Rosina (named after her mother) Another Rosina BLAYNEY b.1877 (2nd q) (Hackney) confuses the picture. Her marriage certificate of m.16Aug1902 (Ilford, Romford, Essex) [to one Herbert William CROUCH (Railway Clerk)] states she was the daughter of Percival Blayney, rope maker, so we initially assummed that she could have been the child of Thomas and Rosine but adopted by Percival, a younger brother of Thomas and that Rosina came back to live with Thomas after Emily died. However she cannot be the 23 year old Rosina (daughter of Thomas) in the 1891 census of 1891 and still be the 4 year Rosina daughter of Percival in the 1881 census.[145] 2 Mary A BLAYNEY b.~1877 (24yr old waitress in 1901 Census) +(5)Sophia HARTMAN b.~1848(6) (Germany); (Widow); m.9Sep1888 (St Marks church, Bow) Dau. of William ARENDT (occ. Miller) Aged 43 in 1891 Census [1268]
  Footnote:   Link to Admiral Sir Francis Drake
1  Thomas DRAKE of Buckland Abbey 1555-1606 
   [brother of Admiral Sir Francis DRAKE]
 + ___
  2 Sir Francis DRAKE 1st Baronet of Buckland Abbey, Buckland Monachorum, Devon, MP for and
    High Sheriff of Devon d.1637
   + Joan STRODE [great gt-granddaughter of Thomas CROMWELL, 1st Earl of Essex]
    3 Mary DRAKE 
      [sister of Sir Francis DRAKE, 2nd Baronet 1617 - 1662, Sheriff of Devon, MP for Newport
       then Bere Alston, and Colonel of Horse in the Parliamentary Army. His wife Dorothy was
       a daughter of the famous Parliamentarian MP, John PYM]
     + Elizeus (Elisha) CRYMES of Crapstone Barton, Buckland Monachorum, MP for Tavistock 
       then Bere Alston (1614-1690) 
      4 Lewys CRYMES of Buckland Monachorum (1649 - 1693)
       + ___
        5 Francis CRYMES b.1693 (Buckland Monachorum); d.1756
         + Honour CULVERWELL
          6 Elizabeth CRYMES bpt.11Dec1723 (Buckland Monachorum)
           + Francis TREWELHA of Ludgvan, Cornwall; m.17Aug1756 (Buckland Monachorum) 
            7 Malichi TREWELHA of Penzance and Penryn, Cornwall 
              bpt.14Sept1761 (Ludgvan, Cornwall); PCC will 1844
             + Sarah OLIVER m.13Jul1785 (Madron) 
              8 Sarah TREWELHA bpt.8Oct1786 (Penzance)
               + Robert JOHNS of Penryn, Falmouth m.1811 
                9 Emily Simon Oliver JOHNS b.1814/15 (Penzance)
                 + Thomas Macdonough GRIMWOOD of Sudbury, Suffolk
                  10 Emily Martha GRIMWOOD b.1838 (Penryn, Falmouth)
                   + Thomas BLAYNEY of London [see above]
                     [G-g grandparents of Kevin Paul McKenzie [145]]

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