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Abel Tasman 2 Day 2

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Saturday 22nd February 2014: Meadowbank Homestead proved a very pleasant stay with exceptional food. This Homestead is the rebuilt Wilson family's ancestral home full of history as well as modern comforts! See Wilson video of Meadowbank Homestead.

The tide was out in the morning, so it was safe to head off!! We headed over a shallow channel to the airstrip in front of Awaroa Lodge before heading over the Tonga Saddle to Richardson Stream, Onetahuti and Tonga Quarry.

Early morning Meadowbank Homestead  DSC_0353e

Dianne needs the tide in!  DSC_0355e

John ready  DSC_0357e

Motley crew ready  DSC_0363e

Variable Oystercatcher at Awaroa  DSC_0375d

Arriving at Onetahuti  DSC_0388e

Graham, Ian & bronze paddle  DSC_0396e

Built after Cave Creek disaster  DSC_0399e

Pure Black phase Variable Oystercatcher  DSC_0403e

Onetahuti  DSC_0412ee

Onetahuti south end rocks  DSC_0415e

Onetahuti south end Cave  DSC_0418

Australasian Gannet (Takapu)  DSC_0427e

Cathy at Tonga Quarry / Is.  DSC_0432ec

John crossing Bark Bay  DSC_0439e

Falls River  DSC_0467e

Frenchman Bay inlet  DSC_0475e

Cyclone Bola regrowth  DSC_0478

Torrent Bay  DSC_0485e

Torrent Bay Lodge  DSC_0500

Roughing it  DSC_0502e

Torrent Bay Lodge also proved to be excellent accommodation with fabulous food!
See Wilson video of Torrent Bay Lodge.

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