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Tongariro 4 Page 3

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Saturday 3rd April 2010: We were collected by the "Roam" shuttle and transported to the end of Mangatepopo Rd. There were cars, vans and buses for kilometers and our driver informed us that this was the busiest day of the year (or ever!). Knowing this, we set off as soon as possible to stay out of the "crowd", but got somewhat stuck behind an apparently unfit talkative group with no obvious gear. Luckily they soon dropped back.

Michael starting KB4287-8

Pukekaikiore KB4289

Lava formations KB4291

Keith taking Michael & Mr Phun MB01

Mr Phun & Michael KB4296

More lava KB4299

Mr Phun leaves lens cap on KB4302

Closer to lava column KB4304

Mr Phun was amazed at the lava formations on the Mangatepopo Valley. We could also see old lava flows on Tongariro with the "Tongariro Crossing" path crossing them (see zoom view).

Mr Phun KB4312

Mr Phun & lava KB4316

Tongariro proper KB4320

Zoom in to see climbers KB4321

Mr Phun does a Hollywood KB4325

Mr Phun & Michael lag KB4327

Mr Phun powers up KB4337

Now that is unusual! KB4351

Composite view back down Mangatepopo Valley KB4320

Another rock column KB4354

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