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Tararua2 Day 7

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Day 7: (Friday 6th March 2009) This day was our exit day, so we headed out to Holdsworth Lodge, missing the planned stays at Totara Flats and Cone Huts because of our two day delay at the start. This was a very gentle walk out along a very well maintained track. Clearly for visitors as the solid bridge over a 20cm trickle was a "1 person" bridge and anything bigger was built to highway standards.

Track map
Plan for Day 7 (exit)

Over protective KB770c

Over constructed KB773a

Jim's view JC159

Jim, Ian & Graham KB774c

Cathy & Alan turn KB776c

Gloomy view KB777

Gloomy view 2 KB778

Boardwalk JC160

The weather was gloomy but not quite rain, at least that is my excuse for gloomy pictures!

Cathy KB783a

Graham KB786

Keith & John CT536

Graham & Alan KB790b

Coprosma grandifolia CT543

John, Ian, Cathy & Graham, Jim, Alan and Keith @ Holdsworth KB792a

Kereru KB794a

The NZ Wood pigeon or Kereru (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae novaeseelandiae) has apparently become an endangered sub-species while the NZ cicada has many species & subspecies, this being ?Kikihia cauta.

NZ Cicada CT552

NZ Cicada CT553

NZ tramper 1 CT558

NZ tramper 2 CT559

Tararua Windfarm KB818a

Tararua Windfarm KB823a

Tramper 3 AR846

Alan 19/03/09 AR847

The NZ tramper 2 is also hanging up his pack (what is left of it), claiming frailty and advancing years, and we are (seriously) sad to see him retire. Tramper 3 needs some orthopaedic help!!

As for the camera battery problems - the first generic ENEL3 was still working a week after the tramp. I then noticed it was 1800mAh compared to 1400mAh for the Nikon EN-EL3. Who says generics are no good?

Addendum: It also turns out that the Lot number of the EN-EL3 battery that came with my D50 camera was recalled in 2005 because of a tendency to short circuit, overheat and melt!! No wonder it couldn't keep a charge!!

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