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Ruapehu & Tongariro Tramp (2) November 1993

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KB25: Ian uprooting
Pinus contorta

The eastern (lee) side of Ruapehu is in parts like a lunar landscape but as one heads north, various shrubs and hebes appear. Because of a further injury, we decided to follow the Waihohonu track back towards Wakapapa to complete the Ruapehu circuit and do the Tongariro crossing as a day trip (now we had a spare driver). Walking this track is like a walk in a rock garden, and I used this as an inspiration for my own garden at home. We also made a side trip to the Tama Lakes and a visit to the Taranaki Falls.

KBEnd: Moonscape (if one ignores the mist)

KC07A: Natural gardens

DSC_1822: My garden September 2009

DSC_7872: My garden Aug 2011

KC22A: Tama lakes and Mt Ngauruhoe

KC29A: Glimpse of Mt Ruapehu

KD07: Taranaki Falls

After a comfortable night at the Skotel, Ross dropped us off at the start of the Ketetahi Track, for a steady but pleasant climb up to the craters of Mt Tongariro. The ladscape here is unbelievably beautiful, some of which I hope is captured by my simple photographic efforts.

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