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Richmond Day 1

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Wednesday 2nd March 2011: After being collected by HELiPRO and grabbing a lunch, we spent most of the afternoon waiting for the wind to drop and/or a bigger helicopter to be available. Plans were made for staying in Nelson and going in the morning, but with just enough light and not too much wind, a bigger chopper was able to be available for two trips in time.

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Fitzroy Bay to D'Urville Is   Keith_6513a

Video of team [21MB NZ]   Video02

Keith in chopper     JohnS_1449

Mts Stewart & Richmond     Keith_6534

The flight out to Slaty Hut revealed many peaks, ridges and valleys not visible from Nelson. The "Keith_6534" photo is, I believe, crossing the Bryant Range looking left (S.E.) to Mt Stewart (1283m) and beyond that to the sharp peak of Mt Richmond in the distance (a further 12Km). We headed south crossing either the Weka or Lowther Saddle to come onto Slaty Hut below the Peak.

By my reckoning the waterfall over the valley could probably be described as the true source or headwater of the Pelorus as this is the most distant tributary (Mates Creek is joined by Richmond Stream then Roubuck Ck becoming the Pelorus River).

Slaty Hut and backdrop   Keith_6562

Delivered   Keith_6573

Arrival at Slaty   Keith_6578

View from Slaty Peak   Alan_0220

Dinner was soup, Chicken Rissotto with shredded chicken, nuts, chick peas etc followed by dried fruit.

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