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Rail Trail (d)

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After lunch we headed on up the Ida Burn passing the latitude 45 South marker before another detour, this time to see the historic Golden Progress Mine (armed with just the non-SLR camera).

45 South 508KB

Keith & Neil at mine 511AR

Kiln at mine 513KBCP

Derrick at mine 516KBCP

It was then back on the trail to the top of Rough Ridge (618m) and we swing south, recrossing the 45 South latitude and heading down towards Wedderburn. Speeds of over 30km/hr were recorded but I kept my eyes on the trail as some idiot had put rough chip stones in places making for some very dangerous cycling at those speeds!! At those speeds, Wedderburn is reached almost before one realises, although I'm sure I would have noticed the famous rail-shed further on if I had shot past our turn off.

Graham at mine 519KBCP

45 South again 529KB

Composite of Ian's sudden interest in sheep 534IB

As we had expressed so much interest in the winter sport of curling at our stop at the Idaburn Dam, Shayne decided to take us in to Naseby to see the indoor Curling Rink. We were able to have this wonderful sport explained, have some practice then play a couple of matches. Beats bowling any day as the brushing really controls the speed of the stone.
Dinner at Wedderburn Tavern and overnight at "The Lodge" B&B up the road were both excellent.

Cathy Curling 562KBCP

Royal Hotel Naseby 572VT

Misty morning 578KB

Famous Goods-shed 588KB

Day 4: (Thursday 22nd Feb 2007) We woke to a heavy mist were given a Audio-visual presentation of the Rail Trail and the repossession of the Wedderburn Rail-shed, made famous by Grahame Sydney's 1975 "July on the Maniototo" painting.
Cycling in the mist created a quite unusual disorientation - the eyes saying you were going down hill but the legs were telling you otherwise. Jenny complained that something was wrong with her bike, but we all had a similar sensation.

Famous perspective 594KB

not sheep 604CT

Graham in the mist 608KB

Up or down? 610JC

Cathy was more interested in the animals. Ranfurly had some surprises - a photographic gallery opposite over the "track", interesting stores and the station had a machine for reading memory cards and burning to CD-Rom - YAY! got back heaps of memory (but I kept the very best photos on the card in case the CD-Rom failed!).

John's girlfriend 642IB

Friendly "Silver" 646KB

Malcolm heading down 652KB

Waipiata speedsters 648IB

At Waipiata Shayne took us on a tour up to the historic Hamilton's Cemetery past the old Orangapai Tb Sanatorium before lunch. It was then on to Daisybank.

Hamilton's Cemetery 732KB

old Sanatorium 746IB

Neil on Taieri Bridge 751VT

Jenny on Taieri Bridge 752AR

Taieri Bridge study 754KB

Taieri River 756KB

trail by Taieri 763VT

Noxious weed rock garden 766KB

Taieri River 770KB

Taieri River 772KB

Jenny at cattle-stop 773MT

Our morning tea break with Shayne gave us time to notice the "crop circles" on the hill. Must have been a stoned alien to park on a slope like that.

Shayne 774IB

crop circles on hill 784CT

Upper Taieri Gorge 794KB

Upper Taieri Gorge 796KB

Taieri loop 802IB

more Taieri Gorge 806KB

more Taieri Gorge 808KB

more Taieri River 812KB

The trail continues above the Taieri River, sometimes as a gorge, crossing side streams & gullies with a variety of wooden, steel, stone and concrete bridges. Price's Creek Viaduct is 32m high and Price's or Hyde Tunnel is 152m long.

more Taieri River 814KB

Jenny & Taieri River 815MT

Over stream & road 817KB

The same bridge 817aVT

more modern bridge 826IB

Wood & stone830MT

Panorama before tunnel 831IB

The Hyde (Price's) tunnel is curved, so the end is not visible. This is bad for some, but it doesn't ruin "night vision" until one is able to see the exit and gives in to temptation to look!

Enter tunnel 834IB

They looked! 834IB

The 1st native fauna 841MT

Last two 846KB

The trail now descends steadily to Hyde and the very pleasant Otago Central Hotel. Excellent food and hosts.

its all down now 842CT

Still the Taieri River 850KB

Hyde 851VT

Cracked mud hut 866KB

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