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Rail Trail (b)

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Day 1: (Monday 19th Feb 2007) Those flying in were met at Queenstown airport by our guide Shayne O'Sullivan (ex Black Cap cricketer) and driven to Clyde where we met the rest and got sorted for bikes. On the way down I discovered my 2GB SD memory card was still plugged into my home computer and the new card purchased between flights at Christchurch had failed! To avert a serious lack of digital memory, I convinced Graham to take us down to Alexandra where a 1GB card was obtained. OK, so I'd have to be more frugal in taking pictures and more ruthless in deleting poorer shots...

Heading past Mt Taranaki 003KB

Synchronising cameras (KB & AR) 018IB

The whole group 032KB

Day 2: (Tuesday 20th Feb 2007 And off we went, keeping to the stone-free part of the track where others had been. Initially I was worried that the pace was too slow until I realised this gave me ample opportunity for composed photographs (instead of hurried snaps) and either speeding ahead to await the cyclists or hurrying to catch up!

Before Alexandra one passes vineyards, lifestyle blocks and the wooden Muttontown viaduct over a dry gully, then trail becomes more rural...

Vern crosses bridge 045KB

Manukerikia River 057KB

Manukerikia River 059KB

Galloway 084JC

Morning tea provided at Galloway was a pleasant surprise of local fruits and home baking. It was then back on The trail, which though dry, was often a changing scene. Our second crossing of Manukerikia River was this interesting wooden bridge, shortly before lunch at Chatto Creek.

Into the distance 091VT

Manukerikia crossing 109VT

Manukerikia viewing 112IB

Jim's Manukerikia view 113JC

I was able to move "off trail" for views like below.

My view of the Manukerikia bridge 115KB

Looking onto Chatto Creek 120KB

Rocks & Rabbit warrens 121KB

On goes the trail 123KB

Rock features 124KB

Malcolm & John 129KB

Malcolm & Jenny 130KB

Having a few drinks then a set lunch at a tavern is quite a change from our tramping fare! I heard no complaints though...
It was then away to head up Tiger Hill.

Jim, Cathy, Viv et moi 137MT

Dianne & Chatto Creek PO 142IB

Foothills 170KB

commencing Tiger Hill 179KB

Wide bends make Tiger Hill quite an easy ascent with a rather smooth looking Raggedy Range to the Southeast and the Dunstan Mountains Northwest.

View SW back to Raggedy Range 180KB

View south over Raggedy to Knobby Range 183KB

Dianne on Tiger Hill 185JC

First shade on Tiger Hill 193KB

Rock column by shade 195KB

Alan heads downhill 197IB

typical formation 201KB

Faces in the rocks 203KB

Another bridge & cyclist 205IB

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