Frank Blaney (born 1880) & family

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Back L-R: Lilian, Frank Blaney jnr (b. 1912), Freda (his cousin), Cliff & Winnie Portsmore.
Front L-R: Alice Jane Clayton Blayney and Frank Blaney (b. 1880).
Date: 1939; Location Newcastle Staffs
Gordon Blaney (left), Frank Blaney Jnr (centre)
with Jim Bailey with dog 'Teddy' on Ulster Rudge bikes
July 1939
Left to right: William Blaney (born 1871), his wife Alice Jane Blaney (nee Audley);
Alice Jane Blaney (nee Clayton) [wife of Frank BLANEY born 1880]; William's son John Beech Blaney and ??Harold Blaney....