Francis Alexander Thomas Blayney:

"Uncle Frank" (my great uncle) was born on the 5th May 1893, and died in Auckland on the 11th March 1979, according to his son, Garry Blayney.

Garry tells a story about why his birth certificate shows the 9th May..... Apparently, when he was born "at Point Chevalier, the road was impassable for over a fortnight. When Grandpa [Alexander] Blayney arrived at the Auckland Court to register the birth, the clerk said that as this was over the fortnight allowed, the mother would have to go before a judge. Grandpa, thinking of the expense, replied 'did I say the 5th of may? I mean 9th May'. So Pop celebrated his birthday on 5th May and late in life got a jolt to find he was registered for 9th May. He then remembered the story."

Living New North Rd, Auckland in 1915 when his name appears in the "MEN FOR THE FRONT" list in the Auckland Weekly News of 10.06.1915. Presumably served in WWI as listed as a driver in the "REINFORCEMENTS - ARMY SERVICE CORPS Auckland Section" article of the Auckland Weekly News of 15.07.1915 [116]

Like his brother Thomas, Frank was a Self-employed Truck driver, owning a fleet of trucks until the business failed in the 1930s Great Depression. He noticed Thomas had a spare truck, so offered to work for his brother, which was accepted.

Frank & Ruby Blayney

Frank & Ruby, Elsie & Tom Blayney

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