Charters Family of Emma Charters

The CHARTERS (or CHARTIERS) were originally Huguenot settlers from France.

Descent from Thomas Charters 1781 of London

This tree was initially based on the "Ferenczy Family Tree" [1260] with additions and corrections from FreeBDM [130], information from contributors to the Charters Message Boards [1261] [1262], [1264], search [1263] as well as information and photos from my family.

Note: Months in brackets such as (Mar), indicate the last month of the Registration Quarter so an event in say October will be (Dec).

1 Thomas CHARTERS b.1781 (Middlesex) 
 + Hannah KENDAL m.14Dec1800 (Saint Leonards,Shoreditch)
  2 John CHARTERS b.1815 (Middlesex); d.(Mar)1892 (Bethnal Green)
    Given as John CHARTERER in the 1881 Census, with Occ. Watch Finisher 
   + Amelia BENTLIF  b.25Nov1816 (Gravesend, Kent); m.18Jan1837 (St. Sepulchre, London)
     [Dau. of David and Sarah BENTLIF]
    3 John Kendal CHARTERS b.1838 (Shoreditch, Middlesex); Chr.6Dec1840 (St Leonards, Shoreditch)
      See John Kendal Charters below
    3 Thomas CHARTERS b.1840; Chr.6Dec1840 (St Leonards, Shoreditch)
    3 Charles Frederick CHARTERS b.15Jan1843; Chr.3Jul1845 (St Leonards, Shoreditch)
    3 Amelia CHARTERS b.09Feb1845; Chr.3Jul1845 (St Leonards, Shoreditch)
    3 David CHARTERS ["CHARTERER" in 1881 Census] b.(Sep)1849; d.(Sep)1893 (Bethnal Green); Occ. Chairmaker
     + Sarah Ann WILSON b.1850; m.(Sep)1870 (Shoreditch)
       [Dau of James Thomas Wilson]
      4 Sarah Ann Matilda CHARTERS ["CHARTERER" in 1881 Census] b.1870
       + Robert William Perry m.(Dec)1890 (Bethnal Green) to Sarah Ann Matilda CHARTERS

    3 John Kendal CHARTERS b.1838 (Shoreditch, Middlesex); Chr.6Dec1840 (St Leonards, Shoreditch)
      d.Jan1914 age 75 (Edmonton); Occ. Chair Manufacturer; Coach maker
     + Clara CLARE  b.(Mar)1839 (Clerkenwell, London);  m.12Feb1860 (St James, Clerkenwell, London)
       d.(Dec)1918 age 79 (Edmonton) [FreeBDM]
       "Mr & Mrs Charters were a nice old couple"
       [13 children, 12 survived by 1911]
       [dau of Francis CLARE (1811 MSX - 1879 Shoreditch) and 
        Caroline WARD (1816 Buckinghamshire - 1869 Shoreditch)]

      4 Francis ("Frank") CHARTERS b.18Jan1861 (Clerkenwell); Occ. Fair & Coach maker (1881)
      4 John Charles CHARTERS b.(Jun)1862 (Shoreditch)
      4 Arthur CHARTERS b.(Dec)1863 (Shoreditch); Occ. Fair & Coach maker (1881)
        Occ, Woodcarver
       +(1)Emma PHIPPS b.(Mar)1864 m.(Sep)1886; d.(Sep)1909 (Whitechapple)
        [3 children, one survived] 
        5 Henry Arthur Charters b.(Dec)1887 (Bethnal Green); d.(Sep)1906 (Bethnal Green)
        5 Alfred ("Alfie") ?Arthur John CHARTERS b.1893 (Hackney); d.(Mar)1956
          In Scots Guards in WWI
         + Florence Louisa Hayward b.~1886; m.(Mar)1917 (West Ham.) dv.1919
           Remarried to John Henry Merry
          6 Henry A. Charters b.(Dec)1918 (Marylebone) became known as H A C Merry
       +(2)Annetta (Annette) KELLY m.(Dec)1917
      4 Clara CHARTERS b.(Sep)1865 (Shoreditch); Occ. Boot machinist (1881)
      4 Amelia CHARTERS b.(Jun)1867 (Shoreditch); Occ. Boot machinist (1881)
      4 Caroline CHARTERS b.(Dec)1868 (Shoreditch) 
      4 Emma CHARTERS b.Jan1870 (Bethnal Green, London); d.5Aug1911 
       + Charles Edward George POTTER b.31Jul1867; m.1Jun1895
         For descendants and Charlie's family....
         See Charles Potter family

Charles E G Potter

Emma Potter née Charters

Charles E.G. Potter's family 1912

Charles Potter

Lottie & Alice Potter

Fred Potter ~1920

Ernie would be Soldier

Ernie Potter ~1920
4 Matilda CHARTERS b.(Sep)1871 (Bethnal Green) 4 Ellen CHARTERS b.Jun)1873 (Bethnal Green) 4 Henry CHARTERS b.(Sep)1875 (Bethnal Green) + Mary Ann HEMMING m.(Sep)1897 (Mile End Old Town 4 Fanny CHARTERS b.(Mar)1879 (Bethnal Green) 4 Florence CHARTERS b.(Jun)1881 (Bethnal Green)