Dorchester Driving [trotting] Club Members at Lynn's First Meet at Rockdale pg 98 of greater Boston [1412]. Back Row, reading from left to right:—G. A. French, A. S. Gushee, F. J. Brand, E. G. Richardson, Dr. Babbitt, Lynn; J. Mosser, P. J. Fitzgerald, J. E. Swendeman, J. H. Jewett Front Row:—E. E. Bray, Lynn; R. S. Fitch, J. M. Carey, S. G. Brown, Lynn; G. H. Greenwood, G. W. D'Arcy, S. W. Wales, F. H. Thompson, Lynn. Sitting:—J. W. Linnehan, C. C. Blaney
Cyril C Blayney was a horse owner around 1900
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